ZL-ZR | Slimline LOK Body

ZL-ZR | Slimline LOK Body

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ZL Slimline LOK Body
Solenoid controlled safety switch. Holds door locked until signal sent to unlock. 40mm wide.

ZR Slimline LOK Body – Releasing
Same as ZL but allows push escape release adaptor override locking means. Only 40mm wide.

Voltage Options Part No.
24v 4
proNet Connection (80mm wide variants only) P
110v (80mm wide variants only) 1
230v (80mm wide variants only) 2
ASi (80mm wide variants only) 8


Solenoid Type & Override Options Part No.
No Locking (Safety switch units only) 0
Power-to-Unlock Auxiliary Release 1
Power-to-Unlock Emergency Release 2
Power-to-Lock (24v, 110v & ASi only) 6


Safety Switching Principle Options Part No.
Safety on guard locking for Power-To
Unlock solenoid locking units.
Power-To-Lock solenoid locking units are
always safety on guard.
Safety on guard power solenoid locking units. 6
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